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228 West 10th St. (West Village), 212.645.0200

Situated smack in the middle of the Marc Jacobs re-gentrified West Village, Maremma serves traditional Tuscan fare in a rustic Italian cowboy-themed atmosphere – odd sounding, but it works.   This high profile eatery doesn’t suffer from the hipper than thou syndrome so many of its neighbors in the Meat Packing District seem to.  Instead, it concentrates on great food, affordable prices and unpretentious service.   Maremma serves seasonal and Tuscan favorites, including: the "Sloppy Giuseppe," a take on traditional spaghetti and meatballs with lamb meatballs and panna cotta; and the Wild Board Tagliatelli with a dark chocolate-flavored ragu. While the food may be affordable, cocktails will run up your tab with wines by the glass ranging from $14 to $17. These prices do keep the all too cool from setting up residence in the bar area — which is great when you want to enjoy a good meal without feeling like you should be reading Interview Magazine.

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