A Roman LGBT Holiday

Originally Published April 18, 2017 on Prowdr.com

Of Course Our Comfort Zone is The Capital of The World

Thoughts of Rome conjure up images of ancient ruins, baroque architecture, intoxicating cuisine, Bernini, fashionistas on mopeds and Italian cinema.  It’s a vacationer’s dream and one of the most romantic and historic cities on the planet.  Wouldn’t it be perfect for a get away with your better half?

What if your better half happens to include a couple of young ones whose idea of a dream vacation involves something with mouse ears and a magic kingdom?  Well then, here are three reasons why Rome, The Eternal City, is the perfect family vacation.


It’s like crossing a huge living room on your tiptoes.  You can easily immerse yourself in Italian art and culture by simply walking the streets of a city that is a living, breathing museum.  You will stumble upon the works of famous artists, painters, sculptors and architects who made Rome the center of their activity, creating masterpieces throughout the city.  You will find yourself eating the most delicious gelato sitting next to a Bernini in the middle of a piazza.  Don’t be surprised if a fashion show pops up.  Afterall, major luxury fashion houses and jewellery designers, such as ValentinoBulgariFendi, and Laura Biagiottiare headquartered or were founded in this city.  Also, other designers, such as ChanelPradaDolce & GabbanaArmani and Versace have luxury boutiques primarily along the prestigious and upscale Via dei Condotti.


You will feel at home amongst a culture that exudes an enormous amount of passion for life and love (they wear it on their sleeve).  They have always been known for PDA’s and a great deal of public embracing when you simply greet someone. The Italians want to teach you about their culture and will look you in the eye with great intensity when they speak to you.  They are the most animated storytellers of all time.  It’s infectious and you just might bring home a new skill.


For kids who have never been to Europe, Rome is one city you can introduce them to where they can grasp the ins and outs of one culture in a short span of time.  Rome becomes a magical backdrop where they play among the ruins, spend hours fantasizing at the Colosseum about gladiator contests, famous battles, executions and perform scenes based on Classical mythology. They can immerse themselves in history and won’t even realize how much they are learning.

No “E” ticket needed (have I just dated myself?) and no lines to wait on, unless you are spending a day at the Vatican, in which case the lines are well worth it.

Thanks to our friends at Ovation Vacations, Rome has plenty of activities for the whole family to engage in.

Start your travels by staying at the luxurious and very family friendly Hotel De Russie,  With kids-style bedding (think cartoons and fun stuff), milk and cookies, a book and a basket of candy…your children will have kids night with all the trimmings.

If you are looking to stay somewhere a little more budget friendly, try Rome Cavalieri.  While not in the city center, it does have a pool…and what kid doesn’t love a pool?

Wherever your interests lie, Rome is a city that merges history like no other place on Earth.  Ovation Vacations has found the perfect way to discover the city with private guided tours by Rome Private Guides. Licensed guides will tailor a well-planned and carefully crafted itinerary specifically for your entire family.  Whether you prefer a walking tour, riding on Rome’s iconic Vespas, sailing on the famous Tiber River, racing on a Chariot through the streets, or enjoying a scavenger hunt, you will not be disappointed.  Plus, your personal guide will not only show you the well-known tourist attractions and iconic landmarks, they’ll help you discover the city’s fascinating secrets and hidden gems.

You would be missing a lot though, if you only stuck to the surface, so to speak.  Just thirty feet underground, lays a fascinating world of ancient wonders called the Catacombs.  During a four-hour tour, you’ll be taken on a journey through time beneath modern day Rome.  You’ll wander through an underground maze of tunnels filled with stuccos, magnificent frescoes, burial chambers, and the remains of three pagan temples.  This is a tour no kid will want to miss!

While you might not be a family of early risers at home, why not use your jet lag to its advantage by taking an early morning tour of Vatican City?  While the rest of Rome is still sleeping, you’ll be introduced to the grandeur of this tiny nation-state, the center of the Catholic Church.  You and your family will discover Saint Peter’s Square, the Basilica and the Sistine Chapel with its masterpieces by Michelangelo.  This is a truly memorable experience.

Moving away from tours, Rome still has a full list of activities for your family to enjoy.  Do you like movies about Gladiators?  If so, Rome offers the Little Gladiator.  In this unique experience, you and your children are trained to be Gladiators, wearing traditional costumes and learning swordplay in a safe and fun way.  Plus, it’s educational: there’s a history lesson about Ancient Rome, which includes details of the daily lives of these brave fighters. 

Maybe you’ve had enough of living history and want to do something really cool like learning to make creamy, delicious Gelato?  Your children can learn how to make gelato with an experienced and knowledgeable professional at one of the oldest and most famous Gelaterias in Rome.  They will learn to make this delicious Italian dessert themselves, choose their favorite ingredients, and discover the steps to make this scrumptious treat.  Then, they get to devour their own gelato concoctions.  Who knows?  This may be the start of their culinary career.

For the craft-loving family, why not learn a skill that the Ancient Romans were famous for: mosaics.  At the Mosaic School for Kids, there are interactive courses for children to learn to make their own mosaic art pieces. With small classes and a fun, relaxed atmosphere your youngsters can explore this timeless art form and develop their own individual creativity. Children gain hands-on experience and explore the wide variety of mosaic materials in this class, including colored ceramic tile, stained glass, glue and found objects. 

You will leave this great city saying the famous words Julius Ceasar once said, “veni, vidi, vici.” – I came, I saw, I conquered. 

PROWDR TIP: The Church of Gays and Lesbians can marry you in Rome, so if that’s what you’re thinking, let’s start planning your Prowdr wedding.

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