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Originally Published November 16, 2008 on New2NYC.org

Okay, admittedly the idea of spending money right now is not the most exciting of concepts.   The truth is, sometimes you need things and this crumbling global economy isn’t going to change that.  Case in point: you just moved to New York and have this incredible apartment…but not a stitch of furniture or home décor to put in it.  Now Suze Orman may tell you to act smart and invest, but Suze isn’t going to be sleeping on hardwood floors with a bunch of sweaters used for a makeshift pillow, is she?  No, she isn’t.  The reality is, we still need stuff - it’s just the cold hard fact of our materialistic world.  A great place for extremely cool and affordable stuff is A&G Merch (718.388.1779) in Williamsburg.

You need to furnish your apartment –a good thing to start is with a sofa, of course.  A&G Merch has a huge assortment of sofas to choose from, including loveseats (up to 5 feet long), apartment sofas (about 6 ½ feet long), and the traditional sofa (approximately 7 feet).  They also offer a number of sectional sofas styles.  The thing that’s so exceptional about their sofas – and what separates them from other furniture stores - is that all fabric choices are the same price! With a huge assortment you will find exactly what you need.  This also means that you can mix and match the fabrics to create a one of a kind sofa.  Plus, all the sofa deliveries are included in the price, so you won’t have to deal with any hidden costs.

A&G offers a wide assortment of desks, side tables, chairs, and Dining room tables – all at an affordable price.  This is not the impersonal juggernaut that neighboring IKEA is, either - this is a neighborhood store with a staff that knows its customers. They’ll help you to find exactly what you need.

A great fixture at A&G is, ahem, the lighting.  An entire section of the store features hanging lights of various styles and prices for you to choose from.  They have a clear glass chandelier that is amazing – not only for the look but also for a sticker price of around $300.  They also carry a hanging antiqued glass globe lamp that is incredible. As for floor lamps, look for the damask shade lamp – it will change the mood of your apartment immediately.  And of course, A&G offers a wide selection of table and desks lamps, including one inspired by the shape of a penguin that is truly fantastic.

The thing about A&G Merch that is so wonderful is the whimsical nature of the store and products.  Along with furniture, they sell an enormous assortment of home décor and gifts that's both fun and functional.  You will find everything from giant size post-its, vases shaped like handguns, a beautiful Japanese jigsaw puzzle with uniquely shaped pieces, and vinyl placemats cut into a lace design. They have a nice assortment of green products, as well.  They have so many cool things, why not take the (short) subway ride out to Williamsburg and see for yourself!

A&G Merch is located at 111 North Six Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - just a short walk from the Bedford stop of the L Train.  They are open Sunday through Wednesday from 12 – 7 and Thursday through Saturday from 12 – 9.  Check out there website www.aandgmerch.com for more information.

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