As a former Marketing and Communications Manager within the Retail and Not-For-Profit Sectors, I have over 15 years of Corporate Writing experience.  My specialties include:

  • Developing and implementing Branding Concepts and Strategies to help your business discover its perfect image and project that concept to your customers
  • Formulating Web Content for Internal (Intranet) and External (Internet) Websites, to bring your individual message to your colleagues and beyond
  • Writing Instructional and Training Manuals to guide your employees towards your vision
  • Establishing and applying Corporate Communication Strategies so that everyone on your team is on the same page
  • Creating Marketing Materials for whatever you may need, from mass mailers to signage
  • Devising Public Relations Boiler Plates to announce all the amazing things that you will accomplish

In a freelance capacity, I have worked with variety of clients to:

  • Created effective Cover Letters and Resumes for people who are looking for the next great job or a complete career change
  • Designed Branding Strategies and Marketing Materials to help individuals and businesses better communicate to their target audiences
  • Developed Web Content for several start-up websites
  • Designed Menus and similar collateral for small businesses
  • Professionally Proofread and Edited creative and corporate writings

Selection of Professional & Corporate Clients

  • Solstice Sunglass Boutique
  • CCS Fundraising
  • A&G Merch
  • Red Hen Baking Co.